About the Traffic Dashboard

What is the purpose of the dashboard?

This dashboard has been designed to give media and the public a single overview of what is happening with traffic around Christchurch. Using Bluetooth technology the dashboard displays live travel times for key journeys around the city. These live travel times are displayed alongside the normal travel time expected at that time of day, and the free flow time, giving the user greater context of current conditions. The dashboard is split into two pages. The AM Peak dashboard for citybound traffic and the PM Peak for outbound traffic. Cross city routes are also displayed on both pages.

Why isn't there a journey time for my route?

As we are still growing our network of Bluetooth sensors we are restricted on the number of routes we can display. We are currently working towards increasing the number of Bluetooth sensors so we can display more journey times in the future.

Why are some of the times in yellow and some of the times in red?

The yellow and red colours are indications of journeys that are taking longer than normal. If a live journey time is yellow that means the journey is taking 25-50% longer than the normal journey time. If it is red it is taking more than 50% longer than the normal journey time.

Why are there dollar values on the dashboard? 

The dollar value under the car 'Normal' column is an 'all of cost' value of travelling the journey in a motor vehicle. This is based on the Automobile Association's average mileage rate for compact vehicles with engine sizes of 1500cc to 2000cc of 65 cents per kilometre. This value accounts for a number of costs to the average car owner including petrol, maintenance, insurance, registration and more. For more information on this rate visit the Automobile Association website here.

The dollar value under the bus column is the cost of getting the bus for this route based on Metro card fees.

Why are there dashes where there should be times?

This could could be for one of the below reasons:

  • It is not possible to cycle that route
  • There is not an equivalent bus service for this route
  • The information is unavailable

Is the bus time live?

No. However we are working towards providing live bus times. The displayed time is a fixed time based on bus schedules. On the AM dashboard (citybound journeys) the time from the nearest service to 9am is used. For the PM dashboard (outbound journeys) the time from the nearest service to 3pm is used.  

How is the cycle time calculated?

The cycle time is based on an average cycle speed of 17 kilometres per hour.