Heavy Vehicle

Concrete trucks

All overweight* vehicles traversing Christchurch City Council roads must have Christchurch City Council permit approval.

*A vehicle is overweight as per VDM 2002 and/or if it exceeds the weight restriction posted on some roads. 

Please complete the Application Form and send to permits@ccc.govt.nz. (Allow 5 working days for processing)


Overweight Routes Christchurch City CBD Map

Overweight and overdimension permit types
Overweight Permit
Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass
Overweight and overdimension vehicles

Check on the map here in the area for any current weight restrictions by clicking on the pins in the area.


Dave Armstrong or James Ting
Christchurch City Council
Phone 03 941 8999


Schedule of Heavy Vehicle weight and Speed Limits on Under Strength Road Bridges (2016/2017)

Bridge Name Name of Road Gross weight Max weight on any one axle Max speed limit
Pages Rd Pages Rd 30 
Swanns Rd Swanns Rd  - 30 
Armagh St (Cambridge - Oxford) Armagh St  85% Class 1  5350kg  30 
Kahu Rd East  Kahu Rd  30 
Poynder Ave  Poynder Ave  30% Class 1  2000kg  10 
Bowenvale Ave  Bowenvale Ave  16,000kg  8200kg  10 
Scruttons Rd No. 2  Scruttons Rd 4500kg  2250kg 
Bossu Rd  Bossu Rd  10
Tizzards Rd 4   Tizzards Rd  10 
Tizzards Rd 5  Tizzards Rd  80% Class 1  10 
Takamatua - Frasers 1  Old le Bons Track  10 
Stoney Bay Old Quarry  Stoney Bay Rd  10 
School Rd, Okains Bay  School House Rd  60% Class 1  5160kg  10 
Decanter Bay Menzies Bay Rd  50% Class 1  10 
Holmes Bay Valley Rd 3 Holmes Bay Valley Rd  90% Class 1  10 
French Farm Valley 1  French Farm Valley Rd  10 
French Farm Winery  French Farm Valley Rd  10 
Childrens Bay  Childrens Bay Rd  10 
Rue Jolie North 2  Rue Jolie  3500kg  10 
Okuti Valley 8  Okuti Valley Rd  10 
Wrights Rd  Wrights Rd  3500kg  10 
Wrights Rd 2  Wrights Rd  3500kg  10 
Withells Rd Withells Rd - -


Garden Rd Garden Rd  3500kg  10 
LH Fork  Gunns Rd - - 10
Grehan Valley Rd  Grehan Valley Rd 10
Bridges Upgraded in 2016 (Restrictions removed)
Robinsons Bay Rd/Tizzards Rd Tizzards Rd - - -
Tizzards Rd 3 Tissards Rd - - -
Rue Jolie North 1 Rue Jolie - - -
Hereford St Hereford St - - -
Moorhouse Ave Overbridge Moorhouse Ave - - -




































Port Hills Road Weight Restrictions

Road name Weight restriction
Whitewash Head Rd 10T gross weight restriction
Richmond Hill Rd 10.5T gross weight restriction
Clifton Terrace 21T gross weight restriction
Kinsey Terrace 3.5T gross weight restriction
Maffeys Rd 10T gross weight restriction